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Semi-annual regulatory agendas and regulatory flexibility agendas are published in the Federal Register every April and October by each Federal agency. The official name for the publication is the Unified Agenda for Regulatory and Deregulatory Actions. E.O. 12866 requires that the agenda description of each pending regulatory action "shall contain, at a minimum, a regulation identification number ["RIN"], a brief summary of the action, the legal authority for the action, any legal deadline for the action, and the name and telephone number of a knowledgeable agency official." The Regulatory Flexibility Act requires agencies to list those proposed rules that are likely to have a significant impact on small businesses and other small entities. The Unified Agenda combines these two agendas into one document. The publication of these agendas allows individuals and businesses to get involved in the rulemaking process long before the agency has reached the NPRM stage. The Unified Agenda is available on-line at

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