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REGWRITER ALERT: OMB Invites Public Comments on Improving the Implementation of the PRA

November 9, 2009

RegulationWriter Alert - November 9, 2009
On October 27, 2009, the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA), Office of Management and Budget (OMB), published a Request for Comments (74 FR 55269) on "Improving Implementation of the Paperwork Reduction Act." The notice specifically invites comments from the public, however, OIRA also wants comments from Federal agencies. OIRA requests that Federal agencies submit comments by fax (202-395-7245) or email ( The close of the comment period is December 28, 2009. If your agency has questions you can contact Mabel Echols of OIRA at 202-395-6880.
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Request for Comments on Paperwork Reduction Act
Federal Regulatory Review, Request for comments
Executive Order 13497, Revocation of Certain Executive Orders Concerning Regulatory Planning and Review
Request for Comments on PRA
74 FR 55269, Ocotber 27, 2009
SUMMARY: OMB is committed to working with agencies and the public to promote compliance with the PRA and to reduce unnecessary paperwork and improve PRA guidance and implementation. To that end, OMB is inviting comments from the public on how to strengthen and improve implementation of the PRA. Specifically, OMB seeks comments on reducing current paperwork burdens, especially on small entities; increasing the practical utility of information collected by the Federal Government; ensuring accurate burden estimates; and preventing unintended adverse consequences.
DATES: To ensure consideration, responses must be written and received by December 28, 2009.
Read: Request for comments notice
Federal Regulatory Review, Request for comments
74 FR 8819, February 26, 2009
SUMMARY: The Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) is developing a set of recommendations to the President for a new Executive Order on Federal Regulatory Review, and invites public comments on how to improve the process and principles
governing regulation.
DATES: Comments must be in writing and received by March 16, 2009.
Executive Order 13497 Revocation of Certain Executive Orders Concerning Regulatory Planning and Review
"Section 1. Executive Order 13258 of February 26, 2002, and Executive Order 13422 of January 18, 2007, concerning regulatory planning and review, which amended Executive Order 12866 of September 30, 1993, are revoked. 
Sec. 2. The Director of the Office of Management and Budget and the heads of executive departments and agencies shall promptly rescind any orders, rules, regulations, guidelines, or policies implementing or enforcing Executive Order 13258 or Executive Order 13422, to the extent consistent with law." 
Executive Order 12866, Regulatory Planning and Review
This is Executive Order 12866 as originally issued September 30, 1993.
Read: E.O. 12866, Regulatory Planning and Review
Recent Memoranda on Rulemaking
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