TRG Leadership


Andrew Emery is president of The Regulatory Group, Inc., and Founder and Executive Chair of DocketScope, Inc. Mr. Emery has extensive experience working with agencies to develop regulations and guidance, analyze public comments, conduct and review regulatory impact analyses, perform regulatory research and develop rulemaking process documents. He has worked with national and international advisory working groups chartered by Federal agencies to address complex policy issues and recommend regulatory changes. Mr. Emery is the primary instructor of more than 10 classes on the regulatory process, regulatory drafting and compliance with regulatory analysis requirements. Mr. Emery is the Last Retiring Chair of the American Bar Association’s (ABA) Section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice. Mr. Emery was Chair of the section from 2021-2022. From 2014-2020, Mr. Emery co-Chaired the ABA’s Fall Administrative Law Conference. He is also organizer and presenter of the Rulemaking 101 session for the ABA's Spring Administrative Law Conference. Mr. Emery is Special Counsel to the Administrative Conference of the United States (ACUS) and is a member of the ACUS Rulemaking Committee.